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Welcome to Insights from the Edge!

Welcome to Insights from the Edge, a blog on IoT and Edge Computing aggregating content from thought leaders across Dell Technologies. We’ll have a few fundamental pieces sticky up top and publish new content in running form. Enjoy, keep checking back for more content and definitely feel free to hit any of us up on […]

Our Vision and Strategy for IoT and Edge Computing

This post on the Direct2Dell site from August 2018 is a great read on Dell Technologies’ overall vision and strategy for IoT and Edge Computing, and ultimately advancing the human/machine partnership for our customers with the help of our partner ecosystem. I break down how we’re approaching the emerging edge computing market as a portfolio and why, as well […]

Realizing the Holy Grail of Digital

In my five-part blog series that ran on Tech Target in the Fall of 2018 I walk through the importance of digital transformation in detail, starting with key considerations including what I call the “new product mindset” and ending with how we will ultimately realize the “Holy Grail of Digital” – selling or sharing on […]

Getting a Deeper Edge on the Edge

Attached far below is the full copy of a blog that dives deeper into key considerations when developing solutions at the IoT edge. I walk through in detail how both hardware and software inherently get more customized the closer you get to the Device Edge (see the chart below for a quick reference of the […]

Service Provider Edge Computing Solutions

Cloud-enablement at the Edge: Jump to our site highlighting edge computing solutions for service providers to learn how Dell EMC brings together the best of IT, services and connectivity capabilities, delivered over the broadest portfolio of new generation edge platforms. Scroll down midway for a variety of blog content with edge computing perspectives in the […]

Building Data Assets: Collaboration is Critical

This webinar with Ezra Gotheill of TBR on the evolving OT/IT dynamic has lots of fun, real-world references including the underlying culture/physiological considerations. 60 minutes, register to listen. – Jason Shepherd, IoT and Edge Computing CTO, Dell Technologies @defshepherd

VMware Open Edge for IoT Stack Wins Embeddy Award

In this post from my VMware blog series I talk to the award VMware received for our Open IoT edge stack which is comprised of VMware’s Photon Linux distribution, our Pulse IoT Center management platform for IoT infrastructure, and EdgeX Foundry, an open source platform for developing IoT gateway applications. It is our intent to […]

Panel Discussion: IIoT/Industry 4.0 Workload Consolidation

Workload consolidation is an industry term for combining multiple operations into fewer platforms with a reduced infrastructure and making better use of existing resources. This consolidation reduces costs, increases efficiencies, satisfies customers, and innovates new products and services.  In this 60-minute webinar on the trend of workload consolidation I talk to the overall trend and […]

Making Better Machines – and More Revenue – with IIoT

OEMs have a unique opportunity to help smaller manufacturers realize their digital transformation and reap the financial rewards that can come with being a hero to their customers during this wave of industrial revolution. In this blog I talk through the potential risks and rewards Industrial IoT (IIoT) poses to OEMs. – John Dauskurdas, Vice […]

Evolution at the Edge

You may find yourself asking: “What is the Edge? Do I really need to know? Should I care?” In this blog, Evolution at the Edge, I share my perspective on why experts are predicting such a dramatic shift from centralized data processing to data being processed at the edge. I walk through my thoughts on […]

Getting Started with IoT Data Monetization

The increase in IoT data marketplaces represents a new revenue opportunity for data aggregators. How can you prepare your company for this eventuality? This white paper takes a deep look at both the problems and opportunities inherent in buying and selling IoT data, and recommends a start point: an Open Edge. -Steve Todd, Dell EMC […]