VMware Open Edge for IoT Stack Wins Embeddy Award

By Greg Bollella |

In this post from my VMware blog series I talk to the award VMware received for our Open IoT edge stack which is comprised of VMware’s Photon Linux distribution, our Pulse IoT Center management platform for IoT infrastructure, and EdgeX Foundry, an open source platform for developing IoT gateway applications. It is our intent to be able to support this open stack on many different kinds of IoT gateways in order to help reduce the complexity introduced by the heterogeneous nature of IoT. VMware Open Edge for IoT recently won an Embeddy award at the Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference, recognizing the most important advances and innovations in both embedded software and hardware solutions. Many people inside and outside of VMware helped make this possible and I thank them all for their hard work and belief in making this possible. -Greg Bollella, VMware IoT CTO