Forging a Path Between the OT/IT Divide

By Todd Edmunds and Jason Shepherd |

Within a manufacturing plant the OT people who run production typically don’t interact so well with the IT teams. OT is often turned off by what they see as IT’s rigorous policies and the IT professionals in charge of the plant infrastructure would rather not have to deal with the OT side of the house and their “Wild West” mentality. The key to a better collaborative relationship is for each group to understand the other’s respective needs and develop an Industrial IoT (IIoT) implementation methodology that focuses on three foundational considerations: priorities, connectivity and security. This blog outlines these concerns and provides insights on how both sides can team together to help their organizations reap the benefits of IoT, and in general, digital transformation. – Todd Edmunds, Director of Industrial IoT Solution Strategy and Jason Shepherd, IoT and Edge Computing CTO, Dell Technologies @defshepherd