Welcome to Insights from the Edge!

Jason Shepherd |
Welcome to Insights from the Edge, a blog on IoT and Edge Computing aggregating content from thought leaders across Dell Technologies. We'll have a few fundamental pieces sticky up top and publish new content in running form. Enjoy, keep checking…

Our Vision and Strategy for IoT and Edge Computing

Jason Shepherd |
This post on the Direct2Dell site from August 2018 is a great read on Dell Technologies' overall vision and strategy for IoT and Edge Computing, and ultimately advancing the human/machine partnership for our customers with the help of our partner…

Realizing the Holy Grail of Digital

Jason Shepherd |
In my five-part blog series that ran on Tech Target in the Fall of 2018 I walk through the importance of digital transformation in detail, starting with key considerations including what I call the "new product mindset" and ending with how…

Getting a Deeper Edge on the Edge

Jason Shepherd |
Attached far below is the full copy of a blog that dives deeper into key considerations when developing solutions at the IoT edge. I walk through in detail how both hardware and software inherently get more customized the closer you get to…

IoT Systems Will Never Control Cyber-Physical Systems

Greg Bollella |
The title is deliberately provocative, and in this post from last November I make the argument in a few paragraphs, as well as give some real depth into cyber-physical control systems. - Greg Bollella, VMware IoT CTO

Three Prerequisites That Will Unlock the True Value of your Digital Data

Jason Shepherd |
In this seven-minute video from the 2019 Dell Technologies Analyst Event I talk with Daniel Newmann of Futurum about my Holy Grail of Digital concept and what it will take to get there. It's basically a short version of my five-part Tech Target…

The Holy Grail of Digital: Futurum Tech Podcast Interview Series

Jason Shepherd |
In this inaugural episode of Futurum's tech podcast interview series I talk with Daniel Newman about what I call the "Holy Grail of Digital" - i.e. selling or monetizing on your terms data, resources and/or services. This is effectively a…

What Exactly is a "Digital Twin"?

Jason Shepherd |
Here's a two-minute video of me and Tamara McCleary, CEO of Thulium, talking digital twin at a Dell Technologies Analyst Event.  I hear a lot of people talking about a simple dashboard or a CAD model being a "digital twin", but this is like…