Edge Computing: The Driving Force in New Architecture Innovation

By Gaurav Chawla |

Edge computing is a very widely used term these days in lot of technology blogs, analyst reports, conferences and product announcements. Many companies are positioning themselves to grab a share of the edge computing addressable market. A lot of announcements try to position their existing products for edge deployments and few try to innovate for purpose built edge architectures. With so much noise in this space, it is hard to distinguish real innovations from small modifications in existing products. The companies that drive real architecture innovations for new distributed paradigm of edge computing and integrate it to deliver an end-to-end solution all the way from edge to backend data center (or cloud) will be the big winners in this emerging market. In this blog I talk to these trends and how edge computing is a driving force in new architecture innovation. – Gaurav Chawla, Fellow/VP, Dell EMC @gchawla